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Europe travel diary!

 I wanted to share a few highlights with you from my trip to Europe this summer.
There was so much to see and I just fell in love with all three cities I visited.
To recap- I went to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris and I was just so amazed at all the beauty and culture of these three very different cities!

Below I will share pictures and some recommendations. This includes everything from fashion, culture and food (you may or may not know but I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever) and you know I went on a serious Instagram research to find good restaurants/cafes to try out!

Europe is definitely a must for anyone to visit, I highly recommend it!


Can't visit Paris without:
Ladurée Paris @ Champs Elysées, and walking along this beautiful strip in general!
Eiffel tower tour (best spot to take places: Trocadero stairs) and having lunch and wine by the grass Louvre museum is a must!Sacré Coeur (tip: climb all the way to the top for a beautiful view of Paris, also visit the church inside)

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