Tory Burch Cosmetics

Beauty Craze. Yes, you read that right. Tory Burch is the latest designer to launch a cosmetics {& fragrance} line on September 26th. I love how classic and chic the packaging looks. Those double T's sure know how to get a gals attention, no?
The beauty line will consist of basic stuff like blushes, lipsticks, bronzer palettes and even a lip-cheek stain combo. Aside from make-up, she's also launching a bath,body and  fragrance collection. These will be sold at Bloomingdales, Tory Burch boutiques and online of course.
Are you excited as I am? Can't wait!


  1. Love it!
    Would you like each others facebook pages and follow via gfc? :)
    Let me know! Kisses <3

  2. Hope this make up comes to Spain for buy it ^^

    1. If Spain has a Tory Burch boutique, you'll definitely see it. If not, you can always buy it online :)

  3. That lipstick looks so cool, the color is very pretty! :)

  4. Thank you for your comments ladies! xoxo


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