Sh*t Bloggers Wear

Trends 'n Things. I recently stumbled upon a  post on a fashion blog and I thought this was just hilarious. You've probably heard of the many "sh*t girls say videos" well this is something along those lines. This artist has a Tumblr page where he/she created the most popular items that many many fashion/style bloggers wear. I think it's hilarious because all the items in this list are so accurate. Like a lot of other people, I look at various fashion/style blogs and I have my favorites that I will look it almost every day so when I saw this it made a lot of sense! Props to this artist, whoever you are, for being so creative and humorous with fashion.  I posted a couple of images here but you can check the rest here.  Xo!


  1. Absolutely true!

    Lots of love,
    Lisa Jasmin from

  2. Haha love it , one of my favorite websites ;-)

  3. haha right ladies? It's so true yet so funny.

  4. Hi, I've nominated your blog for the liebster award. Check out the details on my blog x x x Enjoy


    Thida K.


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