Michael Kors & Make Up

Sporty, Sexy & Glam. These are the names of the make up collection that will be launched by Michael Kors this August. I cannot wait for the launch of this make up collection because as you may or may not know- I'm a huge MK fan {as mentioned in a previous post}. This make up collection will be sold for a year at MK stores and Macy's. It will feature everything from lip glosses to nail polishes. I have no doubt that this launch will do very well, because Michael Kors is one of the most in demand designers of this time. Everything he makes is just so timeless and effortlessly chic. I swear- there hasn't been a day in this city that I haven't seen someone wearing something by this designer- I literally see MK here everyday. Below is a sneak peek of what's to come this Fall. To quote the ΓΌber chic Rachel Zoe: "this is BA-NA-NAS." Cannot Wait. Xo!

Photos courtesy of Elle magazine's Instagram {@ElleUsa}


  1. Oooh the packaging is so awesome too!
    Wouldn't expect anything less of michael kors, though! xoxo


  2. Right? I thought so too! It looks expensive but the prices aren't that bad.

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    love Michael Kors..
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