New Year, New Blog!★

This is officially my first post for The Fashionably Late. A fashion/style blog that has been in the making since pretty much most of 2012. I wanted to start of this first post by introducing myself, a sort of "get to know me".

I was born and raised in paradise...literally! Yess, I'm an island girl from Aruba and two years ago I moved to the concrete jungle a.k.a New York. I'm currently pursuing my bachelors in Fashion Marketing and Management and I'll be graduating next year, which is very exciting for me. Living in New York has opened my eyes to so much, especially fashion. As soon as I step out of my apartment I'm inspired by the people, the culture and of course the fashion! I started looking at fashion blogs about 3 years ago and thought "that's so cool that you can share this with the world". I never even thought of starting my own blog but here I am, joining the blogging world.
I hope you enjoy this blog, it's still a baby and will definitely keep on growing with your support.